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Greensborough Plaza

Discover secret walkways, listen to local animals and add some adventure to your time outdoors. 

Plenty River Trail - Greensborough
This scenic trail runs along the Plenty River, and passes Whatmough Park, Carter Reserve and tennis courts. A highlight is the suspension bridge that crosses the creek between Whatmough Park and Carter Reserve. It also features a playground for children of all ages at its northern end near Plenty River Drive.  Spot abundant native flora and fauna, and several fruit trees that are estimated to be around 100 years old. See other local trails and treasure maps.

Native Art 
Collect your favourite flowers and leaves to make your own unique works of art with this Flower Press Kit. Click and collect today at Kmart.  


Walk in Comfort
Find the perfect fit for your foot to avoid injury.  Call, Video or Live Chat with The Athelete's Foot and they'll use their shoe expertise to help you find your perfect FIT based on your daily activities & foot type. 

Track your Steps

If you're committed to achieving the recommended count of 10,000 steps per day, an activity tracker will allow you to track your progress. Click and collect at Rebel Sport.

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