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A Beginners Guide To Home Training

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Rebel Sport personal trainer Nate has 15 years of experience helping people be the best they can be. With Nate’s 5 essentials for workout and recovery, he’s here to help us create a low-cost home gym.

The Essentials

What do dumbbells, a kettlebell, a slam ball, skipping rope, and a foam roller have in common? They’re the 5 pieces of essential home gym equipment to kick your home gym into high gear.

But on top of the equipment, you’ll need two more essentials… time and motivation. A simple tip is to schedule your home exercise sessions the same way you would when going for a workout at the gym. That way, you can get into a good routine and stick to it.


Dumbbells boost resting metabolic rates for burning calories, strengthen bones, muscles and connective tissue, and help protect against injury.
Made for all kinds of different strength exercises including raised arm squats, arms down squats, lunge, hinged row, and bicep curls.

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Designed for different dynamic exercises like the kettlebell swing, front lift, squats, lunges, and bicep curls. The kettlebell also helps to develop grip strength and is a must for weight loss exercises.

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Slam Ball

For that extra resistance and added weight while performing dynamic movements, the slam ball delivers full-on cardio exercises like balls slams, pylo lunges, sit-ups into a shoulder press, wood chop, and side to side push-ups. It’s simple to train with and can improve your muscle mass.

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