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Curated Earlobe Piercings

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You are thinking about getting your seconds done and maybe your thirds. Here is a quick overview of ideas and what you need to know in terms of pros and cons including placement of your second and third ear lobe piercings.

What are the names and position(s) of second and third ear piercings?

First, second and third piercings are considered standard lobe piercings.

There are no strict rules when it comes to lobe piercings.

Some people aim for symmetry using equal spacing and others go for an asymmetric look (e.g. one in the lobe and say 4 in succession further up the ear). There are also emerging lobe piercing trends such as double vertical or stacked lobe piercings where the piercings are stacked vertically. Ear constellations are also a very popular trend, piercing three points in the lobe to make a triangle shape. It helps to have a clear goal in mind of your final look to ensure the correct placement.

Think carefully about the look you would like to see when you come into salon to speak with our professional staff. Generally, your new piercing should be at least 8mm away from your first piercing. Reference photos gathered from Instagram or Pinterest are great to show your piercer during the consultation, your piercer will discuss the best way to achieve your desired look, keeping the anatomy of your ear in mind.

Pain and healing time

The pain is mild as there is no cartilage in the earlobes. Ear lobes are one of the fastest parts of the body to heal as they are soft and fleshy taking only 1 – 2 months to heal. After this time you can change your jewellery over to any style you wish!

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