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How Face Massage Can Help You

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Every face tells a story, so the saying goes. What’s yours saying to the world – ready for action or ready for bed? Our incredible mugs are somewhat of an evolutionary masterpiece, no two being the same, and they differ more from each other than any other part of the body. So, best we look after them. There’s nothing quite like a face massage to help you relax, and the benefits are more far-reaching than you might think. Face massage tips incoming.

(1) Face Lifting

You do not need a face lift. Repeat. You do not need a face lift. The story of you would be nothing without your amazing and completely natural face. But we know you don’t want to look unnecessarily tired – a little skin elasticity is what we all want, right? So, for a cheeky face-lifting massage, roll closed fists up the sides of your cheeks and hold for a few seconds. And repeat. That subtle pressure will give your face skin a nudge towards a plumper-looking appearance.

(2) Youthful Glow

‘I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger’, in the famous words of Rod Stewart. Let’s face it, we get older and wiser and, in our opinion, more beautiful with every day that passes. But, we also know it feels nice to hear, “ooh, you look amazing!” from our nearest and dearest. So, grab a face oil and try a face massage with upward movements in the morning. The lipids in face oil will help hydrate and plump your skin, and the massaging motion will help to stimulate collagen.

(3) Radiant Looking

A face massage could help to give the heave-ho to a few dull making dead skin cells and boost your collagen to keep up with you. Massaging movements will give your face muscles a mini-workout and help to get fresh blood to your skin’s surface. So let’s just say, your inner and outer radiance will get the sunglass-inducing reveal it deserves.


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