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Organise Your Pantry On A Budget

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The pantry is the heart of your kitchen. Everything you need to make choc chip cookies is in your pantry. Breakfast cereals, pasta and other dry goods are stored here too. An organised pantry is inspirational. It will make you want to cook, to bake, make a meal fit for a big family. It can save you money, knowing what foods you have.

Let us at show you how easy it is to clean and organise your pantry, plus we’ll give you some easy recipes for those preserving jars you’ve picked up from The Reject Shop.

1. Remove Everything

Clear out all the food, all the containers, everything, from your pantry. You want it completely empty.

  • Wipe down the shelves, give your pantry a good clean.
  • Throw away any food which is a long way over the used by date.
  • Make a plan on where you’re going to store your food and other pantry items.

2. Pantry Organising & Labelling

This is where you organise your dry goods into storage. Doing this is a good thing for a few reasons:

  • An organised pantry can reduce food wastage. If you can see how much food you have, in the clear glass jars, you may be inspired to use those ingredients in a recipe.
  • Organising your pantry can save you time. If you know where everything is, you don’t waste time searching and foraging for it.
  • Having things in glass and plastic jars also helps speed up the cleaning process next time.


Now you need to clean and sterilise your jars

>> See the 4 steps to sterilise your glass jars

2. What foods to store in your pantry

Hard Staple Foods:

  • Rice
  • Dry Beans
  • Lentils
  • Assorted Pasta


Baking Staples:

  • Flour(s)
  • Sugar
  • Salt

>> Additional food you can store in your pantry


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