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What Is “Candle Memory”?

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Well then, what is candle memory? 

Put simply, it’s the wax that melts around the wick for each burn. Ideally you want the wax to melt to the edge of your jar candle or to the marked line on your pillar candles, so that you maximise the life of your candle and the wonderful fragrance that comes with it.

Ever had a candle that just burns down around the wick? (That’s called candle tunnelling BTW!) It’s frustrating for you because it means your candle burns quicker and it doesn’t utilise all that gorgeous fragrance that is found in the wax!

So, it’s all about that first burn…


Sure – But how do I set the candle memory? 

To set the pattern of your candle burn (and ultimately how long it burns for and how fragrant it is) you need your first burn to be a bit scientific, after that, you can burn whenever and however you want!

For the first burn, depending on your candle, you want to burn it as far out to the edge.

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