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“There’s a reason that Asian cuisine is famous all over the world – it’s delicious! 😆”

“Hi everyone, I’m Jena from China!

I’m doing this interview so that I can meet some new friends in the area. So if you’re reading this, feel free to drop in store to say hello!”

How did you settle on moving to Greensborough?

“When I first travelled to Melbourne many years ago, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful scenery and kind people. I thought to myself, this is the place I want to live! Then when I went to Greensborough, I felt so much warmth from the community and I wanted to be a part of it. So, I chose a buzzing location, and the rest is history.”

Why did you choose to open an Asian grocer?

“I chose an Asian grocer because I wanted to enrich the community with all the incredible types of food in the world and offer it in a way that’s convenient. We opened three days before Christmas in December 2021, and we’ve never looked back.”

What makes Premium Co Asian Grocery stand out?

“Well, there’s a reason that Asian cuisine is famous all over the world – it’s delicious! 😆

We like to think that we stock an incredible range of Asian products, and we do our best to provide exceptional service. We also adjust our offering continually, so you’ll find fresh and exciting new things with each visit.”

What’s your all-time favourite product in store?

“There’s definitely more than one! My absolute favourite products at the moment would have to be our savoury selection of dumplings, dim sum, noodles, and sauces (perfect for dipping).”

What’s next for Premium Co Asian Grocery? 

“We have our VIP membership that has been around for a while, but it really gives our customers some great benefits. It’s a lifetime membership which offers 5% off every purchase over $50. Chat to us in store about how you can sign up (it’s really easy).

Otherwise, we bring out seasonal Lunar New Year products and have promotions from week to week which are not to be missed.”

Discover the Premium Co Asian Grocery product range in our fresh food precinct on Level 1.


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